Disappointments – Scott’s NYC Marathon & the NY Jets

nycmarathonWe’re back after a bit of a hiatus so that Scott could focus on his marathon training.  Doesn’t really look like it helped much as he limped to a 6+ hour finish.  Moving onto bigger and better things though, he is looking ahead to the Lake Placid Ironman next July.  Strength training will certainly be a part of that and luckily, Vindog has some quality tips.

Even though Scott was disappointed with his finish in NY, it doesn’t quite hold a candle to the disappointment of the NY Jets season this year.  Top to bottom it’s been an awful display – coaching, quarterbacking, poor play by the team’s most notable stars.  And it’s not looking much brighter for the future either.  This time of year there’s a lot to be thankful for, but unfortunately


andrewbudrisWe are joined this week by our most famous guest in the show’s brief history.  Fresh off of his appearance on The Daily Show, Andrew Budris somehow found time in his busy schedule to sit down with us for a whole podcast.  We discuss his pathway to fame and how he found himself on prime time television.

We talk about the Jets and how difficult it is to be a fan these days.  Scotty has signed up for the Lake Placid Ironman in 2017 and Andrew has been a spectator of the event, watching his cousin complete the race twice.  Rocky IV was an awesome 80’s movie and the Vindog recounts the time he and Scotty went to a bar and they screened it as if it were a live event.  Sadly, or not so sadly, some 80’s movies would never be allowed to be made these days.


donald-trump-hillary-clintonWe almost didn’t podcast tonight because the Vindog stayed up until 4:30 AM last night.  Working late?  Binge-watching Netflix shows?  Drinking?  No, no, and… well a little of the red he says.  Tune in to find out why and then stick around to listen to our take on the Presidential debates, otherwise known as the “this is why we should probably just stay away from politics” portion of this show.

Podcast #22 – Steroids, 80’s Movies and Todd Bowles

skolnikAre steroids more readily available these days?  Sure seems like it.  How do some of our facebook friends remember watching Thurman Munson and Muhammad Ali when they weren’t alive at the time?  The 80’s were a great decade – who were the best athletes?  What were the best movies?  Did Louis Skolnik (Brian Cashman’s doppelganger) rape Betty Childs?  By today’s standards … probably.  At 1-3, we wonder at what point is Jets’ coach Todd Bowles going to actually start looking like he cares.

Podcast #21 – David Ortiz, Peyton Manning and The Presidential Debate

trumpmanningUnderprepared?  What, us?  No, never!  After a few extra days, we finally get our weekly podcast out for public consumption.  We discuss some sports – David Ortiz’ farewell at Yankee Stadium and Scott’s overall belief that Peyton Manning was wildly overrated, especially when it came to his playoff performances.  You want politics?  We got politics.  We call the first debate a victory for Donald Trump and neither of us can believe anyone would ever vote for Hillary.  And even though Gary Johnson has had a few gaffes of late, he still has Scotty’s vote.

Podcast #20 – Vinny Ruins the Yankees’ Season

We’re back this week discussing Yahoo’s attempt to be the trustworthy version of Draft Kings.  Is it a coincidence that Vindog had a chance to go Fenway Park the day the Yanks lost a game to put them 1-game under the New York Mets record?  Had he gone to the game, would the Yankees have won?  Scotty thinks so.  David Ortiz… Hall of Famer?  Yet another pitcher pulled while throwing a PERFECT GAME!  This time it wasn’t pitch count – rather pitcher Rich Hill felt “heat” on his fingers and they thought it might be the beginning of (get this…) A BLISTER!  Glad they removed him from the game.  History is much less important that a small lesion on an aging, journeyman’s pitching hand.  All on Podcast #20!

Podcast #19 – Alan Riecke (Scotty’s Dad)

alanrieckeTaking time out of his busy retirement, Scotty’s Dad pays us a visit this week.  We discuss what it’s like to retire to Florida – West Coast versus East Coast.  And why have 7 highway lanes on Route 95 if Floridians don’t know that the left lane is for passing?  We talk football, basketball, parenting, and Alan Riecke’s Coaching and Player Development Drills.  And who knew my Dad’s basketball team once beat Lew Alcindor?  We would have discussed a lot more, but Jeopardy was on and he had to go.

Podcast #18 – Mike Poggi

Scotty hasFris-Zing finally figured out the cause of his lingering illness, though sadly there may be no cure.  Has Lane Kiffin tailored his image after Johnny of the Kobra Kai?  In our second segment (25:20) we introduce the co-founder of the Fris-Zing, Mike Poggi.  His inspiration behind inventing this backyard game phenomenon will sound strikingly familiar to our listeners.  We also discuss the upcoming New England Scarefest and how it might just be the greatest place for single guys to meet girls.


Special thanks to our guests Ted Leshinski, Tim Condon, and the ever popular Empty Chair.  We discuss Adam Sandler and 480-205-1701 – good work if you can get it.  Maybe we can exile him to the moon.  According to Scott, if we did that, it would make Sandler the first American to actually land there.


Our guest this week is the one and only James Kiernan, founder of Twitter (he says he’s not, but we think he’s just being modest).  James gives us some hints at how to make the Scotty and the Vindog show go viral (spoiler: buying followers is frowned upon).  We discuss the evolution of TV, the all-steroid Mt. Rushmore, and a whole bunch of other things that by the time we were done we realized this was our longest podcast of all time.